1.)What are the ingredients?

We have conveniently provided the ingredients for each product on our website.

2.) How old should my child be before using Dermo Products

We recommend 3+ years of age.

3.)What if I had an allergic reaction to your product?

We recommend to discontinue use immediately and contact your physician. They can provide you details on what specific ingredient you may have had a reaction to.

4.) Why is the consistency different from the product I just ordered to the one I already have?

We use raw, mainly natural ingredients with no harmful chemicals. Due to the nature of the ingredients, the consistency and scent may slightly differ.

7.) Does your products work on my hair?

Dermo Products work great on a wide range of hair textures. The products are proven to support hair types: 2C,3A, 4A, 3B, 4B, 3C and 4C.

 8.)What are your products made with?

Our products are infused with natural ingredients including enriching Shea butter, coconut, honey and fortifying oils to support moisture retention. A detailed list of ingredients can be found in the product description section of the website.  

NOTE: Dermo Products works as a complete haircare system. Do not use or mix them with another brand products! It may cause white film or flaking on the hair.